Durometros Standard

Seguem alguns dos modelos de durometros STANDARD.

Para mais informações sobre estes e outros modelos de durometro, por favor  consultar o site oficial da ERNST


Handy Esatest X

Portable hardness testers


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Handy Esatest X operates according to the ERNST patented ESATEST® principle of hardness determination through electrical resistance. The diamond indenter can be compared to a little potentiometer, which, while gradually penetrating
into the material, obtains all the data (load-hardness) during the whole phase of load application. Thanks to the patented ESATEST working principle it is now possible with a simple indention to get all values corresponding to the different loads up to the maximum load applied thus allowing getting an indicative evaluation of the heat treatment status. The measurement is not influenced by deflection or bending of the specimen.
Note: Handy Esatest X permits hardness testing of all types of metal without changing the penetrator.

Dynatest SCX

Portable hardness testers


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The purpose in studying and developing this instrument was to realize a portable hardness tester applying a heavy load, comparable to standard Rockwell loads. Also very important was the fact that testing would not be influenced by any deflection, elasticity or mass of the work piece. All this has been reached by developing a new dynamic system, which radically differs from the known ones where the test load, being given by an impact, is not precise but depends on the reaction it meets; for this reason, these systems can be used only for testing considerable masses free of deflection. In DYNATEST SCX, on the contrary, the load acts progressively on the indenter in a very short time and without any impact.


Case depth analyzers


For more information click on the image / selecionar a imagem para mais informaçõesHTD4000

Case depth analysis tester at a hardness of 550/525 HV or other values on request, The HTD1500 operates by a continuous depth of indentation measurement process while the load is steadily increased. The electronics calculates the hardness based on the displacement, depth, and force applied. The unique test surface indexing capabilities of the Ernst Testers allows this depth measurement process to be very accurate even with some slight deflection under the high loads involved (up to 1500 kg). Non-destructive – no sample sectioning (only surface preparation). Check case depth (and core hardness) in a range from 0.05 mm – 1,3 mm.

Twin X

Automatic hardness testers


TWIN X is a Rockwell automatic hardness tester with direct read out in Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell scales. Can test large and irregular specimens up to 420 mm height ( 950 mm with special extended column). Overhanging pieces can be clamped without any extra support. The 50mm indenter’s stroke permits testing difficult-to-test parts without any adjustment. Most suitable for in-line applications.

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