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Special machines

Brochure BRE AUT ATMS 2008

Automatic hardness tester BRE AUT SOR for the testing of oil pipes. Available in different capacities for diameters ranging from 60 to 440mm.

Equipped with surface preparation by milling, the hardness meter in question, produced in several tens of units, allows to perform the automatic line test of oil pipes as required by the specifications relating to this type of test.

The measuring cycle consists of: blocking of the pipe to be tested (usually in the initial and final positions) under the durometer; surface preparation with adjustable depth from 0.5 to 2.5mm; measurement on the surface with application of the load with 3.000KgF (750KgF for pipes of small diameter, low thickness) and automatic reading of the hardness on the digital display.

Insensitive to caving-in or bending, which are common in pipes, it is now universally recognized as a reference for these types of tests, which take place 24 hrs a day in extremely critical environmental situations.


This hardness testing system was the first plant we designed for a major industrial group in Eastern Europe for automatic testing of train wheels.  Its reliability and full sustainability (24 hrs a day) have contributed to the diffusion of other machines present in this site for the same application.

The plant in question is able to test hardness both of the finished wheels and the unfinished ones with preparation by means of lamellar grinding wheel or by milling, as you can see in the video clip.

The transfer tool has a very important significance in reducing the test cycle. The main cart carries two wheels at the same time which, alternately loaded by mechanical arms, are moved to measuring position and finally positioned in unloading position.

Meter cycle time, including surface preparation, amounts to 80 seconds per wheel.

The wheel may be measured in several points of the same circumference.

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